About this site

Let’s sort out waste is brought to you by 8 Councils from the Greater Wellington Region:

We’ve partnered to help support people in our communities to reduce their waste. Let’s sort out waste is about educating our residents to think differently about waste – from purchase, to storage and transport, to reuse and re-purpose so that we can work towards living lives that are waste free.

New Zealand is facing big issues and changes when it comes to waste. For starters, we’ve been identified as one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world with Kiwis producing over 3.6kg of waste per person every day (that’s 734kg per year each!) But it doesn’t have to stay this way – we can all do our part to help reduce the waste generated, live more sustainable lives and look after our country.

How to get involved

Start by reading some of the tips, tricks and inspiration to see what you can do to reduce waste around your home.

Help others on their journey by contributing your own tips and tricks to help your community. Not only will you be doing your part to look after your country, but by making some quick and easy changes to your everyday life you could also save yourself time and money.