Colin’s tip: compost your food waste.

The Remakery sign and entrance

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Plastic- free shopping at the Common Grocer Co-op

The Common Grocer at Common Unity Project Aotearoa is a community bulk food store in Epuni, Lower...

Tasmin’s tip: repair when you can. Even a month’s extra use is helpful.

Kenneth’s tip: buy foods and household items from local bulk stores.

Zero-waste swaps

Students climbing stairs at Victoria University

Low waste student living

Leah’s tip: compost food waste and use it to fertilise the garden.

Librarian showing book to man

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Books to guide your waste reduction journey

Your local whare pukapuka (library) is a great resource to find tips, tricks and inspiration on...

Emily’s tip: use washable cloths for cleaning rather than wipes.

Making cleaning products with vinegar, baking soda and essential oil

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Green cleaning recipes

The cleaning products hiding under our sinks make up a large amount of household waste. They are...

Leila’s tip: bring your own containers to the supermarket deli.