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Zero waste shopping in the Hutt Valley

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Buying local can mean less packaging and less waste. Learn about your neighbourhood to find alternatives to packaged items. Here are some you could try in the Hutt Valley.


There are lots of bakeries that let you bring your own bag or tea towel. Try the Corner Bakery in Upper Hutt.


Take your own plastic container to Tleaft, 64 Victoria Street Petone, and buy loose tea leaves in bulk. Their store is open weekdays, 9am-4pm. Bin Inn in Jackson Street Petone, also offers a range of loose tea leaves.


The chocolate at TradeAid in Petone comes in compostable wrappers which take about 16 weeks to break down in a regular compost bin.

Toiletry products

Ethique shampoos, conditioners, and deodorants, all use cardboard packaging. You can buy them at Farmers, Commonsense Organics or from the Ethique website.

Bee Fresh deodorant is available from Ekko Naturals in Upper Hutt. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients and comes in compostable, eco-friendly packaging.

Smartass toilet paper, FineShave safety razors or GoBamboo tooth brushes & cotton buds are great plastic free options available in some supermarkets.

Compost sharing

Have you got food scraps you need to get rid of or space in your compost bin? Sharewaste is a composting collective to help you find a composting buddy in your neighbourhood.

Riverbank Market

The Riverbank market offers fresh fruit and veges, food, crafts and more. You’ll find it over the stopbank in Lower Hutt, every Saturday from dawn until 2pm.

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