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Zero-waste office lunchbox ideas

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When you’re packing lunch for the office, reducing waste can be hard in a world of single-use plastic. While individual packets can be convenient in the short term, waste-free lunchbox alternatives are often cheaper and reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill. 

Try one of these easy tips to up your zero-waste office lunchbox game:

Invest in reusable zip-lock bags

Single use zip-lock bags can only be washed and reused a few times before they wear and join the rest of the plastic in the bin. Try a reusable alternative like Stasher food storage bags or Kosher zip bags. These silicone bags are leak proof and can be thrown straight into the dishwasher or freezer. They are an investment at first, but will save you money over time. 

Swap to beeswax wraps 

Say goodbye to plastic cling film with a beeswax wrap. They’re natural, food safe and can even be made at home. Their cool colours and patterns will make your lunch stand out. Make sure to clean using mild soap and cold water. 

Use what you already have 

If you don’t have the budget for the above packaging solutions, use what you already have around the home. Ice-cream containers make great lunch boxes, and glass jars are perfect (and dishwasher safe!) for salads, pasta and muesli. 

Buy in bulk 

Buying food items in the largest quantity available and then repacking is not only better for the environment, but is also much cheaper. Swap your individual yoghurt pottles for a litre yoghurt pot divided into reusable zip-lock bags or Tupperware. Snacks like crackers and nuts can easily be repackaged in this way too. 

Get your cook on

For a healthy  and hearty lunch, cook extra dinner and take the leftovers to work to reduce plastic waste. Making your own versions of food that would traditionally be wrapped in plastic, such as muesli bars, biscuits and crackers is possible.

You don’t have to be an expert to follow these easy recipes for plastic-free  lunch staples. Kiwi zero-waste guru Kate Meads also has a range of simple lunchbox recipes.

Small changes to your lunchbox at work can make a big difference over time. Why not get your co-workers on board to challenge each other to reduce waste! Every little bit counts.

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