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Treat your skin au naturel at Botanical Beauty

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After a career in big corporate companies of the cosmetics industry, Rachel decided to start making her own brand of skin care in 2012 as a response to the lack of skin care ranges that would be healthy, natural and effective. At Botanical Beauty, in Upper Hutt, she manufactures natural and organic plant-based skin care.

‘It’s world-class, but here!’

Rachel has always been passionate about cosmetics and she knows her stuff! She put a lot of thought into her formulas and the choice and origin of ingredients that would fit the philosophy of her company. Whenever possible, Botanical Beauty supports local growers, using local honey and beeswax for example. New Zealand-grown is the next priority before sourcing ingredients internationally. They have to be ethically produced, and organic whenever possible.

Skin care on the shelves of Botanical Beauty

Producing in small batches allows it to make a product within 24 hours, which results in a decent shelf life thanks to natural preservatives.

Reduce, reuse, refill… and relax!

At Botanical Beauty, you are encouraged to reuse and repurpose. One of Rachel’s biggest challenges right now is to offer non-chemical lab-quality sterilizing that would allow to close the loop, using reused containers in the shop. Meanwhile you are most welcome to drop off your containers (no tubes) at the shop for refilling and pick them up within a few days or less at your convenience.

Botanical Beauty is also a beauty therapy salon where you can relax and discover products from the Botanical Beauty range.

Naked bars

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, you have no choice but to go wastefree at Botanical Beauty! The naked shampoo and conditioner bars are literally a concentrate of the best ingredients. Rachel’s shampoo bars are available for different hair types. Other bars include face cleanser and scrub. They are very cost-effective and last longer than a bottle. Get ready to adopt them for life!

Also stay tuned for more face and body products, such as solid moisturiser, that will soon be available in the shop and online.

Make your own!

Next in the pipeline are workshops and classes to learn how to make your own cosmetic products at Botanical Beauty. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to be the first to sign in, these will be popular!

Rachel’s tips for your own waste free journey :

Make an informed choice about the containers you buy,

Choose natural, good-quality products,

Make a significant change towards less waste each month and stick to it.

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