This week’s top tips from the quiz prize draw

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Thanks to those who have done the quiz and provided a tip to help others. Here’s a few to help you on your journey.

Sue: “I make my own foaming soap. Very cheap to make. 2 tablespoon castile soap, 1 tablespoon carrier oil (a vegetable oil such as olive oil), 10 drops essential oils and top with water”.

Derek: “Reduce mailbox waste by getting bank statements and bills by email and putting up a no junk mail sign”.
Junk mail letterbox stickers are available free from Upper & Lower Hutt city council receptions and libraries.

Grace: Buy 10kg bags of washing powder from a discount shop instead of the 1.5kg ones from the supermarket”.

Rebecca: “Make your own yoghurt (such as Easiyo) to prevent buying more single use plastic. 

Olivia: “Buy and sell second hand whenever possible. It might take a little longer to find what you’re after but you can usually find what you want second hand (and at a fraction of the cost it would be new)”.

Rachel: “Get the smallest size of wheelie bin for rubbish- this will save you money and encourage you to recycle more/make less rubbish!”.

Kathryn: “Carefully unwrap presents instead of ripping the paper off – you can then reuse the wrapping paper again”.

Alexandra: “Make your own oat or coconut milk so you don’t have to buy it from the supermarket”. 

Dwayne: “Take your own container to sushi stores – they don’t mind at all and will often discount the price of your order”.

We want to hear your ideas! Take the quiz for more tips and to submit your own. 

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