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This week’s top tips from the quiz prize draw

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Thank you to our community for the amazing responses to the quiz prize draw. Here are some of the best from the final week of the quiz:

Brandy: I bring my own lunch to work every day using food containers.

Shannon: I buy large packs of crackers, chips, popcorn etc. for my daughters snacks and put them into fabric snack bags.

Margaret: I now buy my clothes and kitchenware at op shops.

Andrei: Clean and sort all plastic, metal and glass containers for recycling collection or reuse whenever possible.

Sarah: Making our own bread and baking instead of buying packaged foods.

Tina: I make my own smoothies to avoid the wasted cups. I take my own container to the fish truck each week. I buy my eggs direct from the farmer and return the trays to be reused.

Shirley: Reduce using frozen vegetables and use fresh ones as much as possible as then there are no plastic bags.

Keara: Compost scraps in the veggie garden, they are also good for fertilizer, and reuse yoghurt containers to sow young seeds that can’t go in the ground straight away.

Ali: Head down to Bin Inn and buy your dry goods in bulk using your own containers! You can buy anything from salt to cornflakes and you can buy exactly the amount you need – no packaging required!

James: Wash, dry and reuse bread bags for small things like cheese and for freezing small items

Patricia: Only buying eco-friendly high end clothes or thrift store clothes to avoid fast fashion waste. I try to make my clothes last as long as possible before buying anything new.

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