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Sustainable shopping at the hardware store

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Shopping sustainably at your local hardware store is easy. DIY is in our DNA, so check out the waste-free ideas below for inspiration:

Compost bin

Compost bins are a great investment to give your food waste a second life nourishing your garden.  There are many different kinds available at hardware stores, so it’s easy to find one that fits your lifestyle.

Worm farm

Reduce your food waste by feeding it to worms! Worm farms are great even for those with limited space, and produce natural liquid fertiliser.

Reusable cooking sheet

Non-stick reusable oven sheets are an alternative to waxed baking paper or tinfoil, and don’t retain flavours.


Swap out supermarket fizzy drinks for a SodaStream with refillable gas cylinders.

Bulk cleaning products

Mitre10 stocks a range of 5kg Ecostore products. Choose to buy in bulk to reduce waste packaging.

Bokashi Compost System

This compact composting system  is a favourite with local quiz respondents, and processes organic materials into garden compost in four weeks. 

Next time you’re visiting the local hardware store, remember there are lots of sustainable options to help you reduce waste at home.

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