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Sustainable Christmas present ideas

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Stuck on ideas for ethical and sustainable Christmas presents this year? Check out the hierarchy of present purchasing – a guide to helping you buy presents with less waste and less impact on the environment.

Give memories

Event tickets (Check out EventFinda to find events around you, for example, Six60 coming to Lower Hutt on January 25. Other experiences like going to the cinemas or away for the weekend, memberships to a sports team or an annual pass to Zealandia. Cooking classes, dance lessons, the list is endless!

Give your time

Share and/or teach skills that you have such as gardening or give “help decorating” or cleaning vouchers.


If your skills allow, repurpose old toys or refinish small furnishings. Pinterest has thousands of upcycling ideas worth having a look at.

Buy second-hand

One persons junk can be another ones treasure. Search antique shops, TradeMe, local buy-swap-sell pages or have a look in Earthlink to find a treasure to re-gift.


Get crafty with ideas from Pinterest or get inspired to bake or cook a present this year with over 40 great Christmas baking recipes from Olive magazine.

Ethical buy

If you really do have to buy, try to buy organic or ethical – there is a great range at Ekko Naturals, Commonsense Organics or Trade Aid.


As a last resort, buy a present. You could buy something that you know the recipient needs, or perhaps a tree!

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