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Shop zero-waste at Bin Inn

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Bin Inn Petone’s Allen Bennett is passionate about reducing waste. Every day, locals flock through the doors of his store to stock up on zero-waste alternatives.

The bulk store sells everything you can think of, from kai to cleaning products. And all sans packaging! Bathroom essentials are also easily found at Bin Inn. Think biodegradable toothbrushes, Ecostore body wash refills and locally made shampoo bars.

Bring your own container and receive a 5% discount- saving your pocket and the planet.

Allen says the local community is interested and excited to reduce their waste. He saw a positive increase in customers around Plastic-Free July, but his mission is to encourage people to carry on into the months and years afterwards.

It’s hard not to get inspired when you visit. The store is filled with every kind of waste-free treasure, from apple cider vinegar on tap to plastic-free deodorant. Customers often make their own customised breakfast cereals with Bin Inn bulk products.

You can even grind your own peanut or almond butter in store. It’s fresh, plastic-free and doesn’t contain any nasties or fillers. People come from “all over” to get their hands on the peanut butter, which is one of the Bin Inn’s best selling products.

Allen’s tips to help your journey:

Tip 1: Buy in bulk and save with a 5% discount

Tip 2: Refill everyday products like cooking oil and body wash

Tip 3: Give a gift from Bin Inn & inspire others to go zero-waste

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