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Returning to retro with milk bottle refills

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The milkman has returned to Hutt Valley with Eketahuna Country Meats

Residents can fill glass bottles with cows milk from the farm at the Riverbank Market, or get it delivered to their door in glass bottles.

Following the retro model that ended in the mid-90’s, the milk is “just like it used to taste”, and comes from farmers Grant and Charlotte’s land at Eketahuna. It’s pasteurised, but not homogenised and has no added nasties. The company also sells and delivers fresh meats. 

How to get it

Riverbank Market: From 6am-2pm Saturdays, head down to the Riverbank car park with your own glass bottle, or buy one of theirs to re-use in future. You can refill straight from the truck! 

Home Delivery: Enter your address on the website to see if they deliver to your place. The milk comes in glass bottles with a $4 deposit. This is refunded when you leave your empty bottles out for collection on the next delivery day. 

To clean the milk bottles, Eketahuna Country Meats suggests rinsing them with cold water rather than hot. The latter actually “bakes” the milk residue onto the bottle, making it much harder to remove. 

Milk powder is also a great, low-budget alternative to packaged milk. Bring your own container and fill it with milk powder waste-free at Bin Inn Petone.

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