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Reducing waste in the laundry

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It’s not the first place we think of when it comes to reducing waste, but the laundry is often filled with plastic and chemicals. 

Reduce waste in your laundry with these easy tips & swaps:

Laundry powder & liquid

Ecostore laundry powder comes packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard. It’s free from chemicals and is suitable for greywater use.

For a completely waste-free alternative, visit Bin Inn Petone or your local bulk food store. Bring your own container to get laundry powder and liquid packaging free.

Making your own laundry powder is another way to reduce waste. It’s easier than you may think, and will keep you stocked for months. 

Stain remover 

Say goodbye to bottles of stain remover with Ethique’s laundry bar and stain stick. Treating stains with a paste of bulk baking soda and vinegar is another waste-free way to keep your clothes in top shape. 


The Hutt Valley wind is perfect for drying clothes and other laundry naturally. Avoid using the dryer where possible to save on energy and power bills.

If you have to use the dryer, put a clean dry towel in with the wet clothes- but only for the first 15-20 mins. This will help your load to dry faster. 

Dryer sheets

Replace single-use dryer sheets with reusable wool dryer balls. These will help you to dry your clothes more quickly, and can be used over and over again.

Add a few drops of essential oils to give your laundry a fresh and natural scent. 

Microfibre solutions 

Microfibres are tiny pieces of plastic found in synthetic fabrics. When we wash clothes, thousands of microfibres are released and travel to the ocean. They are then ingested by sea life and enter the food chain, eventually making their way back to us in our food. 

The best way to avoid microfibres is to purchase clothing made from natural materials. If you are washing synthetic fabrics, avoid delicate wash cycles. These release far more microfibres than a standard wash. Microfibre catching technology like Cora Balls are designed to collect the fibres during the wash cycle. 

The laundry is a great place to start your waste reduction journey. Every little change counts, and will make a healthier home for you and your family. 

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