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Reduce the use of your vehicle

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As Regional Manager for ZeroC, New Zealand’s first 100% electric transportation service, Jamie is part of the changing face of how New Zealanders need to look at business. The vehicles ZeroC uses (BMWi3) are made of recycled plastics and this has inspired Jamie to rethink how he recycles waste.

He advises people to “get out and support companies like ZeroC and experience the electric drive,” but for people who don’t have access to an electric car, he says to “look into your daily routine and see where you can reduce the use of your vehicle, think about how many times you visit your local supermarket. To help reduce carbon emissions, plan one trip a week if you can.”

Learning from the business practice through his role at ZeroC, Jamie is taking those lessons and implementing them around his home. “My wife and I have reduced our use of fuel vehicles. She no longer needs to drive to work as we both work in Wellington City. We are seriously considering looking into owning an EV in the near future.”

Jamie says understanding the damage around the world caused by pollution and waste made Jamie realise this is not a world he wants the generation after him to be living in.

Education within his local Pacific community is important to Jamie. He wants “to help educate whanau to realise how climate change affects us all. To help communities find the best solutions to preserve native lands and to make Aotearoa a beautiful clean, green country by keeping our emissions down.”

In the future he would like to see programs targeting local Iwi and Island groups. “Understanding the effects of carbon emission and pollution and how it is having a huge impact on climate change has made me realise the need to act on this quickly by reducing the use of my fuel vehicle and trying to support family and friends to experience the same changes.”

By looking at how we commute, car ownership and usage, Jamie is hoping the desire for electric car use will spread, lifting the profile of environmentally aware companies like ZeroC, which in turn can offer more jobs and sustain our clean, green kiwi lifestyle that we all want to preserve.

Jamie’s tips to help you on your journey:

Tip 1: Review your daily routine and see where you can combine or lessen trips in your car

Tip 2: Choose to use electric vehicles

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