waste-free bathroom items such as soap bars, bamboo toothbrushes and brushes, flowers against a dark background

Make your bathroom trash disappear like a soap bubble!

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Going plastic free in your bathroom is a cathartic decluttering process. It leaves you with more space, tidiness and the resulting peace of mind for relaxing morning showers.

It is all about doing more with less, choosing a few natural and high-quality products that work well for you and your family. Use your compostable bamboo magic wand to make all the clutter in the cabinets, under the sink and in the shower or bath a thing of the past –or check out this video!

Sort Waste has even more ideas and recipes to make your bathroom waste free!

Ditch the bin!

The bathroom is generally one of the rooms in which we tend to not sort waste. You also throw all of your bathroom trash in the bathroom bin, don’t you? Simply removing the bathroom bin once you have adopted a few simple swaps will encourage you to throw the remaining bathroom trash directly in the right (recycling) bin. This will also make you aware of the waste that still comes from your bathroom routine and will help you look for even more waste-free alternatives.

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