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Kaitiakitanga- reducing waste through our link to the earth

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“We influence our environment and our environment influences us. If we have respect for our environment and other people, we are on the road to success”.

Earthlink’s CEO Chris Ellis understands the importance of supporting both people and the environment. The organisation supports members of the local community struggling with mental health issues to get back into work through training and courses at their recycling centre.

Everything that comes through the door gets used, supporting the circular economy and reducing waste. Trainees sort, repurpose and scrap second hand goods and electronics donated by the community. They also take apart old computers to extract precious metals. The repurposing of old corporate uniforms creates brand new clothing sold in Earthlink’s apparel store. The organisation has an amazing recycling shop filled with every kind of second-hand treasure, including furniture and toys. 

To Chris, working at Earthlink is more than a job; it’s a way to “help the people in the community that aren’t able to help themselves”.

Here’s what you can do at Earthlink to help you on your journey:

Visit Earthlink’s recycling shop for a wide range of second-hand goods

– Donate good quality, unwanted items to Earthlink to give them a second life

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