Homemade bread, yoghurt and muesli

Judy tackles waste one change at a time

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Lower Hutt local Judy Randall is on a mission to reduce waste, one small thing at a time. 

She makes her own muesli, yoghurt and bread every week. Her DIY skills have recently extended to homemade hand cream.  “It’s so easy – heat some almond oil and beeswax in a jar, (in a pot with some water around it), remove from heat and stir until it thickens to the correct consistency. It’s also good as lip balm and for cracked heels.”

Judy's homemade hand cream in a reused jar

Judy uses newspaper to line the rubbish bin instead of a bag, and has a compost bin in her garden for food waste. To reduce plastic from shower products, she washes her hair with a bar of Ethique soap. They last longer than a regular bottle of shampoo or conditioner, and come packaged in cardboard. 

Judy buys loose grains, fruit, veges, nuts and seeds from Commonsense Organics. She notes than it can be expensive, but you can buy the same products loose from Bin Inn, and fruit and vegetables are loose in supermarkets. She brings her own bags or reuses paper bags until they are unusable. By not purchasing plastic wrapped items, Judy knows that manufacturers will eventually “get the message and stop producing it”. 

Cooking is one of Judy’s passions. She often cooks instead of buying pre-packaged foods, eliminating some plastics from the supermarket. Making her own crackers has inspired her to start thinking about organising a cracker bake off at work. 

“I’m not saintly about it though – I do try to avoid plastic packaged items but it is impossible! And there are always times I need to take a last minute snack somewhere and have to buy something”. 

Judy understands that awareness is the most important factor to reduce waste. No one person can be perfect, but every small change makes a big impact. 

Homemade bread, yoghurt and muesli

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