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How to reduce and manage event waste

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Whether you are planning a small or large event, with the right planning there are always opportunities to reduce the amount of waste created and sent to landfill.

How reducing waste at your event will benefit you

Working to reduce waste from the earliest planning stages can benefit your event in many ways; from having less impact on our environment and improved public relations, to happier attendees, compliance with Council guidelines, and a safer, tidier site. Plus you won’t have to spend hours clearing the area once your event is over.

Resources to help you

Councils in the regions have teamed up to create two guides to help event organisers, stall holders and food and drink vendors to reduce and manage waste created at events.

How to Reduce Waste at Your Event (for event organisers of any size)

Event Packaging Guidelines (for stall holders, food and drink vendors)

Councils in the region also have bin lids (pictured below) for event organisers to hire free of charge. Refer to page 23 of ‘How to Reduce Waste at Your Event’ for contact details for your local Council.

Bin lids for hire from your local Council.
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