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How to make the most of your Christmas leftovers

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45% of waste from Kiwis over the Christmas period is leftover food, this food then is disposed into landfill where it decomposes without oxygen, and releases a harmful greenhouse gas called methane.

The secret to avoid the creation of this harmful gas and make the most of all the delicious Christmas food is to be prepared.

Some tips on how to use your Christmas leftovers wisely:

If none of these catch your eye, make sure you are storing your leftovers correctly by following the 2-2-2 rule

  • You have 2 hours to get them in the fridge
  • You should eat them within 2 days
  • They will last for at least 2 months within the freezer

For more handy tips on how to use and to ensure your Christmas leftovers are safe to eat, check out Love Food Hate Waste.

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