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Glad-wrap : waste-free alternatives to a sticky kitchen routine

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Developed in the 1950s as a cheap, light and disposable plastic substitute for the sustainable pots and jars used for generations in the kitchen, glad-wrap is designed to keep your food fresh for a couple of hours or days before it is sent to landfill. It then takes decades to break down, releasing chemicals that are harmful to nature and the environment. It is about time we send non-recyclable cling wrap back to the past where it belongs. Here is how!

Cover your food

Preserving your food for later use doesn’t require big expenses. A plate, lid or even a tea towel will do the job and cover your leftovers or the potluck dish you have prepared. Beeswax wraps can also be used to cover a bowl or plate depending on their size.

Use containers

Stainless steel boxes, saved glass jars and other reused and repurposed containers will also keep your food fresh for the next days. You can also use them as lunch boxes for the entire family or bring them with you for a take-away lunch or dinner. Old tupperware boxes from your previous non-plastic-free life are still useful containers. Don’t throw them away if they are in good condition, but avoid heating up food in them as plastic compounds can then migrate into your food.

Wrap your food

If wrapping is your thing, beeswax wraps will soon become your faves. They might be a bit expensive to buy, but are cheap to make, especially if you reuse old (natural) fabric scraps. Avoid using them for meat or fish though, and only wash them in cold water with dish soap. A tea towel also works perfectly to wrap loaves or cakes for example.

A machine washable alternative to beeswax wraps, sandwich pockets are very convenient to pack your lunch or snacks for the day. Just make sure they are not coated with a layer of plastic if you buy them.

So here we go, another sticky plastic habit is off the table, yay!

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