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Give your toothy smile an eco-friendly glow with Solid Oral Care

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Laura is Porirua’s Tooth(paste) Fairy. She is the founder of Solid Oral Care, a range of zero-waste toothpaste, toothpaste tablets and mouthwash she manufactures for the whole family.

Eco-conscious expertise

Working as an oral health therapist made Laura realise how much single-use plastic the dental industry produces. After some questioning, the shocking photograph of a dead albatross that had ingested plastic convinced  her it was time for change in her personal and professional life.

As a young mum, she started to have a look at the home care aspects of dental hygiene and became aware that it also generates a lot of waste in households. So in 2018, she decided to create her own eco-friendly oral care products.

Effective and sustainable

Armed (to the teeth!) with her background in oral health, Laura has proudly developed effective fluoridated products using research-based ingredients. The Solid Oral Care range prevents decay, and effort has been put into offering a variety of flavours that would appeal to both adults and kids.

‘Suppliers can be accommodating if you ask for different packaging’

Laura, Solid Oral Care

The Solid Oral Care products are sustainable in many ways. Their glass bottles can be recycled and Laura also offers a glass container return scheme.

To ensure that she reduces waste in her lab processes, Laura has arranged with her suppliers to get products delivered in different more eco-friendly packaging or bigger containers. She is continuously looking at ways to make her business more sustainable and hopes to expand her glass container return scheme in the near future. Finding a way to reuse the lids remains a challenge and she is currently looking into it.

Bright prospects

Keeping Solid Oral Care local is important to Laura, but she hopes to offer her products in more partner stores in the future. Although finding time can be challenging as a young mum, she is looking forward to getting back to the creative process and offering even more sustainable dental products soon. Keep in touch on facebook or check the website and the online shop!

Laura’s tips for your own waste-minimisation journey :

-Make small changes

-Give yourself a break, it can’t be perfect on your first attempt

-Bring your own containers to shops and the deli, it inspires others to do so

-Give positive feedback, don’t leave others’ efforts unnoticed

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