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“Every toothbrush ever made, still exists”

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It’s a concept that changed Stephanie’s outlook on her purchase choices. She now buys “with the entire product’s life span in mind,” and reuses “what we already have.”

Stephanie suggests saving everything that could do another job. Everything. “Formula tins are my go to. Only rubbish with no further life span goes in the bin. Everything else gets sorted and stored in case it can be used for something else.”

She’s reduced purchases with packaging. “We buy as much as we can second hand or recycled. We use cloth tissues. Shampoo and conditioner bars. We have reverted to body cleaning bars. I like liquid soap for hand washing, so I make my own from bars of soap.” They now buy plant-based toothbrushes and make their own solid toothpaste.

Stephanie also participates in local concepts like the Remakery.  “We’re heavily involved with the toy library. We’re attempting to grow our own vegetables, and we take our own bags and containers to the shops for fruit, vegies, deli, meat and butchers.”

When it comes to taking your first steps toward zero waste, Stephanie says “I recently heard the saying ‘anything worth doing is worth doing poorly’,” which, to her meant, “it’s ok to give things a go, and to give myself a break if/when I fail.”

She suggests to “start with one single change. Something that is measurable and achievable.” She gets her ideas from zero waste groups online, because “having more people on board makes it more fun and easier to achieve,” or just by thinking through creative solutions to situations by using what she already has. “Everything I do is super simple. It’s like a game. It makes everything a small achievable challenge.”

Stephanie’s tips to help you on your journey:

Tip 1: Buy with the entire product’s life span in mind.

Tip 2: Save everything that could do another job. Everything.

Tip 3: Reuse what we already have.

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