6 tips to reduce your food waste

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Food waste isn’t just costly to your wallet- it’s bad for the environment, too. With New Zealanders currently throwing away the equivalent of three shopping trolleys of food each year, food waste is a significant issue for every household. Here are a few tips to reduce the food going into your rubbish bin:

  1. Plan out your meals before heading to the supermarket
    By purchasing only what you need, you can minimise waste from unnecessary food.
  2. Remember your freezer!
    It’s easy to forget what’s hidden away in your freezer, so keep a list stuck to the outside to help you keep track of its contents. 
  3. Get creative with leftover vegetables
    The vegetables at the bottom of the drawer are perfect to throw together for a hearty soup. Use a slow cooker if you’re short on time. 
  4. Use frozen bread for sandwiches & toast
    Prevent mouldy, unusable bread by freezing your loaves as soon as you buy. Toast and make sandwiches with the frozen bread –  by the time lunch rolls around, the bread will have defrosted and will be nice and fresh. 
  5. Share the love when travelling
    Give any leftover perishable food to neighbours or friends when going away. 
  6. Use leftovers
    Take leftover dinner for lunch the next day, or freeze.

For more handy tips to reduce food waste, check out Love Food Hate Waste.

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