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5 tips to prevent waste between home, work and school

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1. Pack your own food in reusable containers

Rethinking how you store and carry food. Use reusable containers to pack your own food. Use beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm, and buy a reusable drink bottle instead buying bottled water. Reuse what’s already lying around the house.

2. Support retailers that use ethical practices

Due to ethical consumer demand, more NZ companies are becoming environmentally responsible, and it’s important to help support that change. Download an ethical fashion app to see how your favourite retailers score, and research if there is a better alternative. Buy minimal or un-packaged products. Look for cafes that offer ‘Cup-cycling’ – where you can borrow reusable cups and return them to any participating cafe. Or shop at places such as SaveMart or recycled clothing stores.

3. Consider utilising public transport

If you don’t need your car during the day, leave it at home. Join the kids on a bus or train to school, then continue on to work. To get some more exercise, try cycling to and from the station from either home or work, and always consider using public transport on those nights out.

4. Avoid takeaway – relax & dine in

Cooking your own food is not only better for you, but it uses crockery and cutlery that can be washed and reused again. If you must get takeaway, use your own compartmentalised container and cloth bag to save buying single-use plastic containers.

5. Take your own packing container

You can bring your own containers to the deli, seafood and butchery departments at most supermarkets. Just ensure they’re clean and leak proof. The shops will weigh your container first, then label and seal it with a barcode. Countdown are also trialing this in 18 stores before rolling out nationwide.

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