“I now buy my clothes and kitchenware at op shops.”

“I bring my own lunch to work every day using food containers.”

loaf of bread on beeswax wrap and reusable jars on a wooden cutting board

Tips & tricks

Glad-wrap : waste-free alternatives to a sticky kitchen routine

Developed in the 1950s as a cheap, light and disposable plastic substitute for the sustainable pots...

“Get the smallest size of wheelie bin for rubbish. This will save you money and encourage you to recycle more/make less rubbish!”

waste-free bathroom items such as soap bars, bamboo toothbrushes and brushes, flowers against a dark background

Tips & tricks

Make your bathroom trash disappear like a soap bubble!

Going plastic free in your bathroom is a cathartic decluttering process. It leaves you with more...

“Composting food scraps in your own backyard by using such tools as a bokashi bin, worm farm or compost bin.”

“Make your own yoghurt to prevent buying more single use plastic.”